Payment Processes

In a world where the online transactions are increasingly frequent, it’s necessary to ensure the security of the company and of the clients at the moment of purchase. The UOLDIVEO Payment Service has a robust payment processing infrastructure, enabling integrations with the most diverse fraud prevention tools and with integrated conciliation mechanisms of the transactions.

The Payment Processes, in other words, the Payment Gateway makes the integration of the virtual store with the Financial Institutions. This process is made in a safe environment, ensuring that the information will remain confidential. This way, the e-commerce communicates with only one system, enabling the sales of your products via credit card or debit card, and financing, online transfer, bank slip, both in Brazil and abroad.

Why it's Worth

  • Management of your transactions, captures, cancelations, status alterations, among others. You receive the money directly without financial intermediation;
  • Robust, secure, flexible and high technology platform;
  • The transactions are made in a secure channel, encrypted, with high reliability, availability, data authenticity and confidentiality;
  • Has a unique integration of all your stores and branches with all payment means, thus reducing, deadlines and costs;
  • Meets the business rules of the means of payment and specific of each store.

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