Application Health Check

The UOLDIVEO Application Health Check promotes the health analysis of an application in a 360º process. It consists in identifying and analyzing all the components which compose and support the application with the objective of increasing its performance and availability, rationalize implementation and maintenance costs and make the maintenance cycle agile.

It covers:

  • Identify what needs to be improved in each application (architecture, models, codes, performance), taking into consideration the quality and complexity of the construction and the business aspects;
  • Apply the correct and adequate level of the possible set of QA solutions according to the criticality of the application;
  • Security of the Data;
  • Implement Quality Assurance (QA) indicators accompanied by solution for identified problems;
  • Present indicators and roadmaps which enable the CIO to correctly direct the investment in IT and measure the TCO.

Can the executed according the need of each application and be evaluated by at least three visions:

  • Statistical analysis of applications: evaluation of quality, complexity and adherence to the business;
  • Analysis of the date: security evaluation of the application data;
  • Dynamic analysis of applications: evaluation of performance and availability of applications, besides the call tickets for the applications.

Why it's Worth

  • Service assurance of the non-functional requirements of the application;
  • Assurance of better performance;
  • Elimination of failures by architecture problems and in coding;
  • Uses the software warranty for correction of possible failures.

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