With the continuous growth of e-commerce, fraud in electronic transactions has become an increasing concern and a serious problem for all stores. Some security measures must be taken to avoid frauds and financial losses. The Antifraud is the service that monitors the financial transactions, identifying suspicious transactions which can become fraudulent. The use of this technology can ensure the financial health of online sales, reducing loses and providing increase in revenue.

The Antifraud services enables the creation of risk analysis strategies according to the profile of your business, besides counting with the data crossing made by the system, which identifies a possible fraud from the interrelationship with a database of more than 100 million transactions made around the world. The service is performed in partnership with the Retail & Decisions (ReD), which has more than 20 years of experience in Fraud Prevention, operating in all regions of the world in the most diversified business niches.


Why it's Worth

  • Possibility of hiring the Manual Revision Process of the transactions that did not enable safe parameters for automatic approval;
  • Uses strategies that make it possible to detect automated fraudulent attacks;
  • Experienced Fraud Analysts Teams assist in the definition of the fraud prevention strategy of each store, indicating the best options according to the profile of the business;
  • Evaluation of IP addresses, clients addresses and data from cards issuers through geographical location processes enabling the identification of suspicious behavior of the fraudsters;
  • Has a dynamic engine of business rules, extremely flexible, which can be used to treat the most different business models;
  • Uses own neural network solution to signalize situations with the probability of being a fraudulent transaction, with capability of analyzing a number superior to 30 million transactions per day;
  • Our performance indicators offer the best level of automatic transaction approval, enabling cost reduction with a lower rate of manual revision.

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