With UOLDIVEO technology, Netshoes increases performance, availability and security to its e-commerce.


Established in the year 2000, the Netshoes is the largest e-commerce sporting goods company in the world, with operations in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Today the company has more than 2 thousand employees and three distribution centers in Brazil (Cities of Barueri, Itapevi and Recife), one in Argentina and one in Mexico. Their sites offer approximately 40 thousand sporting goods from 300 different brands and receive approximately 17 million single visitors on a monthly basis. In 2012, the company surpassed the mark of BRR 1.1 billion in revenue.


Netshoes faces the challenge of continuing growth, maintaining the level of user experience, at any given time of day or night. For this, it demands high availability and performance, ensuring a good buying experience and navigability to its clients.


Lasting for a couple of years, the Netshoes partnership with UOLDIVEO has ensured a very robust infrastructure in various levels of service. This infrastructure offers environments of high availability, business contingency environment and protection against attacks on web services.


The partnership offers Netshoes clients a unique research and buying experience. Being a business directed 100% to the web world, performance; access speed and flexibility can be translated to quick service when implementing new projects. These characteristics enable Netshoes to innovate using technology as an ally and respecting the level of demand of its consumers.

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