MAC Construtora e Incorporadora

UOLDIVEO Full IT Outsourcing insures intelligent logistics and increases productivity.


The Company is recognized for its high standards, respect for deadlines and for the perception of the client’s needs. MAC is recognized for its creative vitality of the projects, flagged by the high architectonic standards and for the excellence in construction.


The challenge was in maintaining the focus of the investment in the developments, increasing the points of control and management of the life cycle of the projects, identify the tendency and variations of the market and ensure to the client even more agility and transparency.


The decision was implementing the Full IT Outsourcing with UOLDIVEO, ensuring the hosting and management of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), enabling more aligned strategies and operations, greater productivity and visibility of the organization.


MAC invested in logistics intelligence and since the implementation of the first stage of the project it already managed to increase its productivity, launching, administrating and building more developments with the same number of employees.

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