Demarest Law Firm outsources communication management and increases productivity.


Demarest Law Firm is one of the most highly regarded full service law firms in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America. Founded in 1948, the firm has presence in the main cities in Brazil and in New York and provides legal services with high quality and excellence standards in the various areas of Corporate Law.


Due to the nature of its business, which involves a better orientation in the smallest deadline possible in order to ensure the tranquility of its Clients and their interests, to reach results, Demarest needed a modern unified communication system that enabled the service and immediate identification of its clients and offering mobility to its lawyers, independent of the branch office they are located and with event registration for the proper invoicing of the fees.


With UOLDIVEO, the Demarest IT team integrated a unified communication solution throughout the whole network, with total voice, data and video over IP integration, allowing access to any mobile or fixed device to the communication resources. UOLDIVEO insures the management and its service availability.


With the solution in operation, Demarest increased the productivity of its employees and is able to hold meetings in video or audio conference with up to 15 connections with excellent quality, Its team gained mobility, its lawyers can work from anywhere in the country and all the calls are automatically identified for the administration of the fees.

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