Acceptable Use Policy

This document determines the UOLDIVEO Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), for each UOLDIVEO client and user of the broadband network and/or of the UOLDIVEO Internet Datacenters (hereafter called Client). This AUP substitutes any other policy written or oral referring to the issue.

UOLDIVEO reserves the right of modifying this AUP at any moment.

The provisions of this AUP are not the end. Any activity or conduct which causes violation to laws, regulations or norms determined by the internet community or which can harm the installations, the network, the reputation, the good faith, or the relations with UOLDIVEO clients, is strictly forbidden, expressly stated or not in this AUP.

Client Content Control

The Client recognizes that UOLDIVEO does not have control over any information content originated from or stored in, or even, passed through, the Clients (s) site (s) and that its the Clients total responsibility to certify that the information which the Client and its users transmit, receive or store are according to the applicable laws and regulations and with his AUP.

System and Network Security

Violations to the security of the system and network are prohibited and such violations can result in criminal or civil accountability. The clients cannot: (i) tamper with other clients accounts, (ii) commit unauthorized invasions to any part of the network or of the UOLDIVEO systems; (iii) use any equipment, files, accounts or UOLDIVEO systems to invade without authorization any other network; (iv) obtain unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to investigate, examine or test the vulnerability of the network, of the network devises, or violate the security of authentication means, without express authorization from UOLDIVEO; (v) take advantage of unauthorized data or traffic monitoring in any network or system without the express authorization of the owner of the system or network; (vi) use UOLDIVEO services not included in the Clients account, nor bypass security (or give assistance to others to bypass security) to obtain access to the services to which the person who is accessing these services has not made an agreement with (or called) UOLDIVEO, including, and limited to, the breach in password confidentiality and the persuasion of third parties for password clearance; (vii) use this network and the UOLDIVEO systems in a manner that it obstructs the spaces in disks, processors or other system resources in an irrational way, and beyond those allowed by the specific account of the Client. The clients shall not make deliberate attempts to interfere with the service, overcharge a service or, even, attempt to deactivate a host, including adhering to service denial attacks (sending packs with illegal pack size, UDP flooding, ping-flooding half-open TCP connection flooding, etc.); or (viii) modify any header or TCP-IP pack or any or any part of the header information in an email or newsgroup posting. UOLDIVEO will investigate incidents involving such violations and can get involved or cooperate with the force of the law if there is a suspicion of criminal violation.

Unlawful Use

Is a violation to these policies the Client consciously use the UOLDIVEO facilities or services, including any UOLDIVEO access to Internet, web site hosting and web site design services, to create, transmit, distribute, place, storage or make available through the Internet any material considered illegal or in violation to any applicable regulation, or which is abusive or harmful to the facilities, the clients, good faith or UOLDIVEO reputation. Communications considered unlawful by this Policy include, but are not limited to: material which infringe copyright, commercial secret or other right of intellectual property; material which violate laws and regulations referring to obscenity, indecency or infant pornography; material which is accusatory or defamatory; material which constitutes an illegal threat; and material which violates any laws and regulations applicable for import and export control. Even though it is not a UOLDIVEO policy to monitor, censor or edit information available through its facilities, UOLDIVEO reserves the right to take the necessary measures when becoming aware of transmissions, announcements or other types of communication that violate this AUP.

E-mail and Usenet

The client cannot: (i) send commercial or unsolicited e-mail to any other Client account which has not been specifically requested such information, or, even, which generates complaints of those who receive such unsolicited emails; (ii) floods/spam newsgroups with commercial or non-commercial ads (iii) continue to send commercial emails to those who requested the Client to stop such communication; (iv) use any UOLDIVEO service or facility for the composition, storage, distribution or receipt of large quantity of email, abusive email or any form of unsolicited commercial email; (v) transmit obscene email, with harassment, accusative, defamatory, threatening, abusive or with hatred to people who have not consented; (iv) use the account or connection to the network to receive replies from messages sent by any other provider which violates the rules of this AUP or those of the provider of origin; or (vii) use mail server from another site to send mail without express permission of the site.


The Client is responsible for the activities of its clients, representatives and final users and when accepting the UOLDIVEO services, is agreeing to make sure that its clients/representatives or end users follow this AUP. Complaints referring to clients/representatives or end users of a Client will be forwarded for the Information Security Area to evaluate so that necessary action are taken. In case violations to this AUP occur, UOLDIVEO reserves the right to terminate (fully or partially) the services or take action to interrupt the violations to this AUP caused by the Client, when UOLDIVEO considers appropriate, without previous notice.


Complaints referring to email abuse, Usenet and Spam shall be forwarded to

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